Friday, April 20, 2007

Danger Will Robinson!!!!

By Diane Silver

Folks, I'm going to try the death-defying feat of changing templates. I want to keep the same design, but I want to move to the new Blogger template so that I'll be able to offer an RSS feed and a few other goodies.

Of course, these kind of changes never happen without hassles, so things may look and be weird for a bit.

You may experience some disorientation. However, please keep your seats and remain calm.

Hang on. We're taking off.


Mike said...

You already have an rss feed, it's what I use to stay up to date with your blog!

But a new template would look nice, Ijust changed my own blog like 2 weeks ago and really like it.

good luck!

Diane Silver said...


No one else seems to be able to find the feed, including my other techie friend. However, I do admit to being fairly dimwitted on this stuff.

I do get other new bells and whistles, though. Do you like my new Hot Topics line at the top?

Carl said...

Thanks for the RSS feed. I couldn't find it up to now.

Diane Silver said...


Thanks for letting me know. People did seem to have trouble finding the feed before.