Friday, April 27, 2007

Colorado Springs' anti-gay image hurts economic development

By Diane Silver

The president of the Colorado Springs Economic Development Corp. has a big problem. Mike Kazmierski says he is having a tough time selling Colorado Springs to new employers because of the town's anti-gay image.

A Denver Post columnist reports:
"As they travel nationally trying to attract new industry, the question comes up all the time," said Jay Patel, a member of the Diversity Forum along with Kazmierski. "They are constantly having to apologize and try to rectify that perceived image."

Up to this point, Lawrence has been blessed with a positive image. We're seen as open and welcoming to a wide range of people. That has to help job growth and bring skilled and creative people to town.

I wonder what would happen if the city suddenly starts taking a turn to the right and voting against fair laws for lesbians and gays?

PHOTO: A look at Colorado Springs downtown. Pike's Peak might not be the only mountain confronting local folks as they seek to draw in new business.

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John Petty said...

So true. "Money" can be surprisingly liberal under some circumstances. That's why Imus got fired. It's not a free speech issue; it's a capitalism issue. When NBC figured out that it would cost them more to keep him than it would be to get rid of him, they canned him. People see more advertisements in Spanish these days because there's a market there.

Thanks for your post.