Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Poll shows major support in Ohio for fair laws for lesbians & gays

By Diane Silver

An interesting study is out today from the Equality Ohio Education Fund. Conducted at the end of the year, the poll showed that most folks in that Midwestern state support basic fairness for LGBT citizens.

The organization noted:
Overall, a majority of Ohioans support most equal rights and protections for LGBT individuals and families. The most significant research result indicates 91% support for legislation giving same-sex couples the guaranteed right to visit their partner in the hospital, should s/he become ill.
It strikes me as bizarre that we should even have to poll to see if people support their neighbors having the right to visit their loved ones in the hospital, but such is the state of politics today. I suspect that ninety-some percent of Kansans and just about anyone would support these kinds of rights.

So, who is it who doesn't want me to see my spouse in the hospital, and why should that tiny minority of people have such enormous power over me and my government? Perhaps it's time for our politicians to grow backbones, and to stop being afraid of the religious right.

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