Monday, March 05, 2007

Kansas Reads: Democratic success, the king of bad bills & more

by Diane Silver

Happy bright Monday to you all!

Yes, the cartoon at left isn't all that bright. It's actually a tad grim as is the situation it deplores, but the day here in Kansas is sunny and beautiful, so that has to count for something. Meanwhile, the web has some fascinating reading and listening possibilities today.

Blue Tide Rising notes that Kansas Democrats' just-completed Washington Days celebration was a smashing success as opposed to the dismal results of the recent Republican event. I haven't had a chance to verify Blue Tide's information, but it sounds reasonable from what I've heard, and yes, Blue Tide is a very Democratic blog.

On a much sourer note, Gay Kansas echoes my sentiments about the resurrection of a nasty bill to ban domestic partner registries. Like many of the worst bills from the session, this one was introduced by Rep. Lance Kinzer.

Speaking of Kinzer, he is now the subject of much speculation. Called the "king of misguided legislation" by The Wichita Eagle, the Olathe Republican appears to be trying to pick up the social conservative standard dropped by recently ousted Attorney General Phill Kline. Some believe Kinzer wants to eventually run for governor.

The Lawrence Journal-World has posted audio of their Statehouse reporter, Scott Rothschild, mulling over the meaning and future of Kinzer. Rothschild calls Kinzer "a rising star, especially among conservative wing of the Republican Party."

And last but not least, what would Monday be without a great cartoon from Richard Crowson of The Wichita Eagle.

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