Friday, February 23, 2007

Under the category of my broken gaydar, Suze Orman comes out

by Diane Silver

Oh my, did I miss this one. Financial advisor extraordinaire Suze Orman comes out in the Sunday New York Times. I never once pegged her for a lesbian.


Anonymous said...

So maybe we're really closer to 20% of the population. That qualifies as a voting bloc! Welcome Suzi!

Diane Silver said...

Actually, I think 10 percent qualifies as a voting bloc. In some cases two votes qualify as a bloc. (See Gene Radin's 2-vote win in the Kansas House.)

I do think my gaydar is permanently broken.

Diane Silver said...

I just deleted a 13,000 word comment. That isn't a typo. I checked the word count. This comment came complete with dates, and it appears to be a series of blog posts. Now, I don't mind people commenting on this blog, but if you want to blog, create your own. 13,000 words is way too long for a comment.