Friday, February 23, 2007

Kansas: Bar president lambastes "political bigots" who elected Phill Kline DA

By Diane Silver

All I can say is wow.

The frustration and righteous rage of moderates in Johnson County has just come boiling out of Scott C. Gyllenborg, the president of the Johnson County Bar Association.

Given that lawyers like Gyllenborg have to continue working with Phill Kline, Johnson County's new district attorney, Gyllenborg's statements are nothing short of extraordinary. Writing in the association's January/February 2007 newsletter (pages 4-6 in the pdf), Gyllenborg details "The Damage Bad Politics Can Do."

He describes a deceitful Kline who ran a stealth campaign for DA after being decimated by outgoing DA Paul Morrison in the race for attorney general.

Gyllenborg provides details of how the firing of eight of Morrison's longtime staffers occurred. This happened within hours of Kline taking the oath of office. The abrupt firings disrupted cases and hurt crime victims, Gyllenborg implies.

Without warning, without an exit interview, without time to review files and write memos to successor prosecutors, and without time to contact victims with whom they had been working for years in some cases, the careers of seven prosecutors and a chief investigator were terminated.
"Cronyism, a hallmark of bad politics, ruled the day," Gyllenborg declares. The Republican precinct committee members who voted Kline into office "betrayed" voters and should be ousted, he says.

Oh, and did I mention that Gyllenborg is a 4th generation Republican?

Sometimes I wonder if the anger against the way Kline was shoved down the throats of people in Johnson County is still alive. If Gyllenborg is any sign, that fury is not only alive and well, but is building.
By the way, the fellow in the black and white photo is Kline.

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