Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Gay Reads: Teens struggle, The Castro transforms & all mourn the passing of Barbara Gittings

By Diane Silver

Life can still be hard for lesbian and gay teens, but increasing numbers are coming out earlier than ever before. Two teenagers write about it at The Indianapolis Star.

Under the category of Problems We Never Expected To See comes today's San Francisco Chronicle story about how The Castro is being integrated by straights. The story also notes that other once-gay urban enclaves are beginning to break up as lesbians and gays find greater acceptance.

The Washington Post mourns the loss of rights pioneer Barbara Gittings. Before Stonewall and long before Ellen, Elton and Will and Grace, Gittings and 25 other lesbians and gay men picketed the White House protesting employment discrimination in the federal government. Gittings went on to become the mother of the rights movement.

She died of breast on Feb. 18 at age 75. At her bedside was her life partner of 46 years, Kay Tobin Lahusen.

In an editorial, The Post notes:
Asked how Ms. Gittings would want to be remembered, Ms. Lahusen said that Ms. Gittings "would want to be remembered for the love she leaves behind. Love of the cause, the gay community; love of justice; love of music and books; and love for me."
The photo is of Gittings picketing the White House in 1965.

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