Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kansas: Phill Kline cleans house & Johnson County braces for the aftermath

As expected, newly appointed Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline fired seven attorneys on his new staff, including his opponent in the race for DA, Steve Howe.

Also given just a few hours to clean out their offices were longtime juvenile division chief John Fritz and Bryan Denton, the chief investigator for 15 years.

It is sad and a little frightening to see so much experience leaving the DA's office. We can only hope that the incoming staff members not only know what they're doing, but actually intend to prosecute criminals instead of pushing the Religious Right's political agenda.

The KC Star has the story and details on new Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison's house cleaning.


Anonymous said...

In my experience with the JOCO Prosecutors Phil Kline is simply removing those individuals who allow their postions to interfere with the law by personal prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Phil Kline thinks he is clever. Phils dark side will be exposed. Not only is Kline a black eye for Johnson
County Kansas. Phil grew up here and went to Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. Eye for an eye Phil?
Phil thinks he won when he lost. Continues to lose the respect of the people whom he grew up with.