Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dear Congressional Democrats: You DO have the power to stop the Iraq escalation.

By Diane Silver

This post by my blogging partner Nancy Jane Moore is so important that instead of replying to her via the comments field, I'm going to make a separate post. I want to make certain people read what she wrote.

My esteemed and learned colleague, who likes to call herself a "recovering attorney," has uncovered some key insights from several law professors. Their point? The Constitution does indeed give Congress the power to stop George W. Bush from escalating the war in Iraq.

Read Nancy's post and follow the links. I stand by much of what I said about Rep. Nancy Boyda's recent interview on Iraq, but I do retract my support of Boyda's belief that Congress is powerless to stop Bush.

If what these professors are saying is really true, then it is time for the Democratic Congress to stand up to the bully-in-chief who is occupying the White House. It's time for the Boydas, Pelosis and Reids of this nation to act.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately in years past, the fear was being labeled a communist. and so mccarthy had a field day.

unfortunately in years present, the fear is being labeled soft on terrorism or unpatriotic. and so the bush is having a field day.

Diane Silver said...

Blablawoofwoof is struggling with getting the new Blogger to work and asked me to post this comment. It relates to both this post and my earlier post about Boyda. (See the main post for a link to my earlier comment on Boyda) I'm posting it here because I think it's important to continue the conversation on a post, which explains that Boyda and her colleagues DO have the power to stop Bush.


I heard the same interview on the radio and then read about it in the LJW.

I am no longer very optimistic about her--not that I ever was due to her position on the hateful marriage amendment.

Not only is she inexperienced (maybe worse,) she's wrong. WE the
PEOPLE,didn't elect W in 2000. That was Justice Rehnquist, with/without his pain meds and accompanying psychosis. She's not Ryan, but I'm thinking about
running from her and hoping someone better comes along in 2008.