Monday, November 06, 2006

Kansas: Poll shows easy victories for Democrats Paul Morrison & Kathleen Sebelius

A new SurveyUSA poll released today shows that Democrat Paul Morrison looks to be on his way to an easy victory over incumbent Republican Attorney General Phill Kline. Morrison has a 13 point lead, the same he had a month ago.

Washburn University Political Science Professor Bob Beatty says Kline's nasty ads attacking Morrison may have actually hurt the incumbent.
As part of a project on Kansas political advertising I've viewed over 250 Kansas political ads from the years 1968 to present and haven't seen anything quite like the two ads on the sex case that Kline ran - and there might be a reason for that - which is Kansans don't like them.
The poll also shows Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius cruising to an easy win over her Republican opponent Jim Barnett, among other things.


Bill said...

Good luck in Kansas. Hopefully people don't get complacent about the good polling news. Time to make your vote official. I'll be cheering you on. I'm hoping the same up here in PA, to get rid of Santorum. As well, the results of the tough fought race between Melissa Hart (R, incumbent) and Jason Altmire (D, challenger) will be very close. I'm slightly worried about people not voting and killing the surge of support for democrats and for political, economic and social change. Take Care.

Diane Silver said...

Thanks for posting, Bill, and good luck in PA!

I hear what you're saying about being worried about people not voting. I sincerely hope that people don't look at this survey result and think they don't have to go to the polls. We could easily lose important races in this election.

Let's hope we all have great news tomorrow!