Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day: Silver's Kansas picks

By Diane Silver

It's time to put away the complaints, the anger and the frustration. Tomorrow the future of this country will be in our hands. Get out and vote! Get your friends and your family out to vote.

In Kansas, the polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm.

More information about the mechanics of voting is available at the Vote Kansas site. You can also get information from both of the political party sites. Here's a link to the Kansas Democrats.

For those who are interested, I believe the following candidates will support fair laws for all Kansans -- including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered citizens -- and will help change the disastrous course charted by George W. Bush's administration.

U.S. Congress

3rd District - Dennis Moore (D)
I make this recommendation with much angst. By all rights, Moore should be defeated for supporting Bush's Military Commissions Act, which struck at the core civil liberties that are the foundation of our country. However, voting against any Democrat makes it more likely Republicans will control the House. If that happens, there won't be any check on our not-so -beloved president. This is a lousy choice, but the best one we have. Moore is also supportive of fair laws for all, including LGBT people.

2nd District - Nancy Boyda (D)
It's time to rid this state and nation of politicians like Jim Ryun. The incumbent Republican has rubber-stamped Bush and pushed the agenda of the Religious Right. I urge you to vote for Boyda. She has a real chance of winning.

Kathleen Sebelius (D)

Attorney General
Paul Morrison (D)

Secretary of State
David Haley (D)
I've always voted for incumbent Ron Thornburgh, who seemed like a decent, moderate Republican. He seemed to focus on running his office efficiently. However, the fiasco surrounding the registration of Spanish-speaking voters means that I think he deserves a no vote. Let's give someone else a try.

Insurance Commissioner & Treasurer
I have no strong opinion on either race. None of the candidates seem to be pushing the agenda of the Religious Right, and both seem to be interested in actually doing the jobs instead of pushing another agenda, as has incumbent Attorney Phill Kline.

Kansas State Board of Education
All of these candidates are pro-science moderates. We particularly need to elect Don Weiss and Jack Wempe instead of their anti-science opponents. Victories by Weiss and Wemple will give moderates a firm hold on the state board and make it much harder for the anti-evolution forces to take over the board again. For more the state Board of Education races, see The Kansas Evolution Election: It Isn't Over Yet.

District 1 - Janet Waugh (D)
District 3 - Don Weiss (D)
District 5: Sally Cauble (R) or Tim Cruz (D)
District 7: Jack Wempe (D)
District 9: Kent Runyan (D) or Jana Shaver (R)

Hat tip to Red State Rabble for providing the best coverage of this election.

Kansas House of Representatives
These are the endorsements of the Kansas Equality Coalition-PAC. I support these. Note that KEC-PAC is a non-partisan organization that follows what's called the "friendly incumbent" rule.

All other things being equal, this means that an incumbent with a track record of support for fair laws for LGBT Kansas is endorsed over a challenger. Personally, I think this is a good idea. Politicians who vote with us should always be rewarded. Equally important is the fact that once elected, politicians have been known to ignore their pre-election promises. I know you're shocked by that fact. (Note heavy sarcasm.)

District 3 Julie Menghini (D) Pittsburg
District 7 Richard Proehl (R) Parsons
District 14 Aunesty Janssen (D) Olathe
District 15 Heather Cessna ( D) Olathe
District 16 Gene Rardin (D) Overland Park
District 17 Stephanie Sharp (R) Lenexa
District 19 Thomas C. (Tim) Owens (R) Overland Park
District 20 Kevin Yoder (R) Overland Park
District 22 Sue Storm (D) Overland Park
District 23 Milack Talia ( D) Merriam
District 24 Ed O'Malley (R) Roeland Park
District 25 Terrie Huntington (R) Mission Hills
District 26 Bill Jackson (D) Olathe
District 30 Amy Kamm (D) Lenexa
District 32 Louis Ruiz (D) Kansas City
District 34 Valdenia Winn (D) Kansas City
District 38 Diane Bryant (D) Lenexa
District 39 Corey Mohn (D) Shawnee
District 41 Marti Crow (D) Leavenworth
District 44 Barbara Ballard (D) Lawrence
District 45 Tom Sloan (R) Lawrence
District 46 Paul Davis (D) Lawrence
District 47 James Robert Faris (D) Ozawkie
District 49 Bond Faulwell (D) Overland Park
District 50 Dennis Phillips (D) Topeka
District 52 Lana Gordon (R) Topeka
District 53 Ann Mah (D) Topeka
District 54 Tanya Dorf (D) Topeka
District 55 Annie Kuether (D) Topeka
District 56 Annie Tietze (D) Topeka
District 57 Vaughn Flora (D) Topeka
District 58 Harold Lane (D) Topeka
District 60 Don Hill (R) Emporia
District 65 Barbara Craft (R) Junction City
District 66 Sydney Carlin (D) Manhattan
District 67 Tom Hawk (D) Manhattan
District 76 Susan Fowler (D) Emporia
District 78 Ed Trimmer (D) Winfield
District 83 Jo Ann Pottorf (R) Wichita
District 84 Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D) Wichita
District 86 Judith Loganbill (D) Wichita
District 89 Melody McCray-Miller (D) Park City
District 91 Walt Chappell (D) Wichita
District 92 Nile Dillmore (D) Wichita
District 93 Marcey Gregory (D) Goddard
District 95 Tom Sawyer (D) Wichita
District 96 Terry McLachlan (D) Wichita
District 98 Geraldine Flaherty (D) Wichita
District 99 Charlie Mahoney (D) Wichita
District 100 Grady Kallenbach (D) Wichita
District 101 Mark Treaster (D) Pretty Prairie
District 103 Delia Garcia (D) Wichita
District 108 Joshua Lee Svaty (D) Ellsworth

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