Friday, November 03, 2006

Kansas: Attorney General Phill Kline "abandoned consumers"

The Wichita Eagle has finally picked up on the story about the poor performance of Attorney General Phill Kline's Consumer Protection Division.

After he took office, Kline and his new consumer chief, Byron Brown, transformed the office. The Eagle writes:

Steve Rarrick, who headed the department under former attorney general Carla Stovall Steckline, said Kline "has abandoned consumers."

"I believe Attorney General (Bob) Stephan cared about consumer protection, and so did Attorney General Stovall," he said. "Mr. Kline clearly does not."
Despite my rather one-sided headline, The Eagle's story is even handed and provides good detail, comparing how consumers faired under Stovall and Kline.

I'm glad to see the Eagle finally picking up on this angle, which for some odd reason, has been largely ignored by most of the mainstream media. Kudos to the Lawrence Journal-World for being the exception.

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