Monday, October 30, 2006

Kansas: Phill Kline's campaign for attorney general in a nutshell

By Diane Silver

I was browsing a fascinating AP analysis of the Kansas attorney general's race and came across a nutshell summation of Republican incumbent Phill Kline's campaign.

I'm not certain writer John Hanna meant this to wrap up the campaign in a nice, little package, but to my eyes, it certainly does.

Kline's entire campaign has come down to one thing: Throwing mud at his Democratic opponent, Paul Morrison. Kline's claim is that no one should vote for Morrison because of a 15-year-old, unproven accusation of sexual harassment from one person, a former employee named Kelly Summerlin.

Hanna writes:
The claims came from a fired employee who found no witnesses to corroborate her story and didn't receive any damages at the close of her litigation -- which was 13 years ago.
After all the money, the questionable church-based fundraising, the misleading tv ads and the flip-flopping lies from the candidate himself, Kline's campaign comes down to uncorroborated claims.

If Kline wins on this platform, all of Kansas is in serious trouble.

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