Friday, October 27, 2006

Kansas: Nancy Boyda takes lead over Ryun & the Netroots helps her raise money

By Diane Silver

The times may be seriously changin'...

Democrat Nancy Boyda just released another poll showing that she has a slight lead over incumbent Republican Congressman Jim Ryun. With the margin of error, it's safe to say that the race is neck-and-neck.

Meanwhile, Ryun's staff downplayed her poll at the same time they refused to release any of Ryun's internal polling. Such a stand leads political observers, well at least this observer, to think that Ryun's own numbers aren't that good.

When the campaign started, pundits talked as if the voting was a mere formality. The seat of the former Olympic star was seen as being the safest of the safe.

The fact that the Boyda campaign has any life, though, shows the depth of voters' anger at Republican incumbents -- and the fact that this is happening in Kansas, of all places, is truly fascinating. At the same time, Boyda hasn't broadcast a single commercial, as far as I know. Imagine what she could do if she had some money.

Whether this anger translates into a victory for Boyda and/or a Democratic takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives remains to be seen.

Speaking of money, -- one of the biggest liberal blogs -- is now actively soliciting donations for Boyda. This is the first time the netroots have taken up her cause.


Anonymous said...

This morning's Topeka paper ran an article about Ryun's own internal poll -

Ryun's folks are also pointing to an upcoming DNCC ad supporting Boyda; their spin is that Boyda's claim of grass-roots support is bunkum.

Diane Silver said...

Real life has intervened, and I've been unable to post today, so thanks for pointing out this story. Everyone should go and read it. It shows Ryun with a huge lead as of...three weeks ago.

The story also quotes political scientist Bob Beatty from Washburn University as noting that candidate's polls as being notoriously inaccurate. I agree that's a real problem.

However, the story also notes that the national Democratic Congressional Campaign will start running some commercials for Boyda. All of which leads Beatty to note that Boyda has a chance to win.

Interesting story. As far as her running a grassroots campaign... oh trust me, I know enough Dems to know that's true. The fact that the national committee is now coming in to help Boyda shows that they finally think she has a chance.

Many thanks for posting.