Monday, September 25, 2006

Call Congress Now: Force the White House to tell the truth about Iraq

By Diane Silver

I agree with Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo. It's time for us all to call our senators and representatives in Washington, D.C. and tell them to pressure the White House to release the April National Intelligence Estimate.

Five months after it was written, word of the estimate finally reached the public through weekend news reports. The intelligence estimate represents a consensus of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies and declares that the War in Iraq has put us all in danger.

The New York Times broke the story and wrote about the report:
(I)t asserts that Islamic radicalism, rather than being in retreat, has metastasized and spread across the globe.
The White House responded to the news reports by claiming that all of the information from the intelligence estimate had not yet been made public. If that's so, then it's time for George W. Bush to come clean and release the report.

In This Moment's coverage of the report includes:

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