Monday, September 25, 2006

Bush's gains in the polls are an illusion

By Diane Silver

As some (many?) in the mainstream media argue that George W. Bush has gotten a post 9/11 anniversary bounce, the respected Pew Research Center reports that the so-called "bounce" is more like the dull thud of a drenched tennis ball landing on cement than an actual up-turn in opinion.

The Pew Center reports:
The pattern in these polling results, or the lack of one, suggests there was not a major change in opinions of the president during a period when the public's focus on terrorism increased markedly.
Bush's numbers ARE looking better than they were in Spring, but then that's not hard when his approval rating has flatlined at 33 percent as it was in March. (Note that an approval rating of 33 percent is getting down into Richard Nixon's gonna-have-to-resign-soon territory.)

What will really happen when voters go to the only poll that actually counts -- the voting booth on Nov. 7? Only time will tell, but don't let anyone convince you that the people of this nation are happy about the way things are going.

More importantly for progressives and moderates: Don't let yourself be sold the line that it's impossible for us to win.

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Jamie Lynk, said...

Any gains are more likely the result of lower gas prices. In July, I paid $3.01 a gallon; this past week, I paid $2.26 a gallon; and yesterday I saw it for $2.19 a gallon.

Isn't it amazing how gas and interest rates go down around election time?

Don't be fooled -- Vote! Vote for Change. It's time to take back America.