Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kansas Evolution Election: The pro-science forces win one

[11:20 p.m corrected]

AP has just called the District 1 state Board of Education race in Kansas City for the one moderate incumbent on the board, Janet Waugh. This gives her the Democratic nomination. Given the fact that she doesn't have a Republican opponent in the November general election, this IS the election. Unless I'm missing something, Waugh has just won her seat on the board.

Waugh's opponent made an early attempt to run a stealth campaign. This favorite trick of the religious right in Kansas allows a candidate to win an election by appealing to the mega-church audiences without campaigning in front of the general public.

By itself, Waugh's victory does NOT change the balance of power on the state board. That will depend on the results of the other races tonight, and of course, what happens in those races in November.

State Board of Education - District 1 - Dem Primary
183 of 190 Precincts Reporting - 96.32%

Waugh, Janet (i)Dem5,91265.13

Hall, JesseDem3,16534.87

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