Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kansas Evolution Election: Good news - bad news, but still too close to call

[updated 10:35 p.m.]

The Good News
The one pro-science incumbent up for election this year, Janet Waugh, appears to be beating off a challenge by an ultra-conservative stealth candidate. Pro-science candidate Sally Cauble is leading Connie Morris. Pro-science Jana Shaver is also ahead of the anti-evolution candidate in her district.

The Bad News
Things are not looking good for pro-science Harry McDonald or Donna Viola.

However, it all depends on where these votes are coming from and on which precincts are left to report.

Stay tuned.

From AP:
State Board of Education - District 1 - Dem Primary
166 of 190 Precincts Reporting - 87.37%


Waugh, Janet (i)Dem4,73964.20

Hall, JesseDem2,64335.80

State Board of Education - District 3 - GOP Primary
249 of 300 Precincts Reporting - 83.00%


Bacon, John (i)GOP8,66050.59

McDonald, HarryGOP6,73639.35

Oliphant, DavidGOP1,72210.06

State Board of Education - District 5 - GOP Primary
316 of 609 Precincts Reporting - 51.89%


Cauble, SallyGOP6,10153.69

Morris, Connie (i)GOP5,26346.31

State Board of Education - District 7 - GOP Primary
296 of 463 Precincts Reporting - 63.93%


Willard, Ken (i)GOP6,76352.27

Viola, DonnaGOP5,16239.89

Liggett, M.T.GOP1,0147.84

State Board of Education - District 9 - GOP Primary
299 of 428 Precincts Reporting - 69.86%


Shaver, JanaGOP9,28158.80

Patzer, BradGOP6,50241.20

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so if these hold 2 of the 4 incumbent "conservative" BOE members will be out in the primary and the 1 "stealth challenged" moderate will survive.

that's enough to swing the board - and hopefully a Dem or 2 can knock off the 2 that appear to be making it through the primary (granted that's tough around these parts).

thanks for the updates :-)
(and yes, like you said - it's still early....)