Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kansas anti-gay pastor's exit probably wasn't "all love and understanding"

By Diane Silver

Anti-gay minister Terry Fox's abrupt resignation from his home church still hasn't been fully explained, but Wichita Eagle columnist Mark McCormick raises some interesting questions.

In a column that is generally positive toward Fox, McCormick notes that the explanations given so far for Fox's one-day exit don't add up. I blogged about the oddities in Fox's departure here.

This column comes as Fox has begun telling the public that he planned his exit to spend more time on his political work.

The Eagle's McCormick writes:
The Rev. Terry Fox's exit from Immanuel Baptist Church on Sunday isn't the ugly scandal some people may suspect, he (Fox) said.

But I don't think it was all love and understanding, either.
Fox appearing so talkative, and the church seeming so reticent, reflects how far apart the two sides have grown.

No matter who is saying what, the rest of us aren't getting the whole story.
McCormick notes that the public and Fox's congregation deserve the whole story. Amen to that.

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