Friday, June 09, 2006

This Week: God, gays, Mormons, Iraq and an American Muslim’s fears for her children

This has been the busiest week yet at In This Moment. This week’s featured posts are from Nancy Jane Moore and Pamela K. Taylor.

God is such a good “guy” that he’s taken time off from his busy schedule for a little volunteer work for the Republican Party of Texas. Nancy Jane Moore takes a look at what’s happening in her home state.

Pamela K. Taylor brings us back to Earth with her meditations as a Muslim and a mother on the meaning of the recent arrests of Canadian citizens alleged to be planning terrorist attacks. Pamela talks about her concerns about being unfairly labeled a terrorist and her worry about how to protect her children from people who want them to become terrorists. She writes:

I cannot quite get my mind around what is happening in my community that leads to this kind of violence being seen as acceptable.
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