Monday, June 05, 2006

Taking the Kansas State Board of Education back from the anti-evolution radicals

MAIN*PAC, the committee affiliated with the MAINstream Coalition, has endorsed a slate of Kansas Board of Education candidates to "return moderation and common sense" to the board.

For those few of you who've been off planet recently...

The Kansas state board has made news by working to undermine the teaching of evolution and appointing a right-wing ideologue as the new state education commissioner. Bob Corkins, the new commissioner, has zero experience in education and a history of working against public schools.

Needless to say, more than a few folks in Kansas are a tad upset, which has led to a series of Take Back Kansas rallies around the state. MAIN*PAC and the MAINstream Coalition are among the groups leading a full-court press to elect moderates to the board.

MAIN*PAC has announced that it is endorsing:

Janet Waugh

Harry McDonald
Don Weiss

Sally Cauble
Tim Cruz

Jack Wempe

Kent Runyan
Jana Shaver

For details on the state board races, check out Red State Rabble's rundown of the election. He has a district map and details on the candidates. By the way, Rabble clearly does the best job of covering the struggle over teaching evolution and science in Kansas and around the nation.

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