Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who will be the most hated president: Bush or Nixon?

As George W. Bush’s approval ratings sink and his disapproval ratings skyrocket, some bloggers are indulging in a little sporting, horse race coverage.

The race? The break-neck, thrilling contest to see whether Richard M. Nixon or George W. Bush will win the “coveted” title of most hated president.

A Tiny Revolution has some nice graphs. USA Today has the latest Gallup Poll numbers.


Mousie Cat said...

Uh, the "latest poll numbers" were from 2006. The tip-off was Scott McClellan as White House spokesman...

Not that Bush's ratings are great. In fact, I think they're even lower than reported a year ago.

Go here:

Diane Silver said...

Hey there, Mousie! Yup these numbers were from 2006. That's because this post was from May 2006.