Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Love, truth, marches and a Kansas perspective on gas prices and Congressional solutions

Oh my, what a lovely, long weekend I just had.

Love, laughs, good food and wine, great views and a deep sense of soul-touching-soul. Such moments not only feed the self, but help give perspective about what's really important, and what real truth looks like.

Meanwhile, the world kept spinning while I was gone. (Now, there's a shock.)

A little bit of truth seems to have peeked out from behind the thick walls built around George W. Bush. Marchers are filling the streets. Mission's Not-So-Accomplished in Iraq are remembered. Social Security is falling apart again, and the Republicans want to give us all $100 to help pay for gas.

That last insane idea is truly a whopper. The once fiscally conservative GOP wants to borrow money, thereby putting the country in even deeper debt, to send an alleged solution to the average American that won't solve a thing for any of us. I drive a gas-friendly Toyota Corolla, and I think $100 is a joke. I understand that other commentators are calling this political pandering. Out here in Kansas, we just call it stupid.

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