Friday, May 19, 2006

Sex, spies and lesbians

This week at In This Moment, we had a bit of sex, a dose of spies and the righteous rant of an American lesbian, along with insights into immigration, feminism, the meaning of words and local politics in Kansas and Washington, D.C. We also welcomed Washington, D.C. legal editor Nancy Jane Moore to our ranks.

What's the best way to teach teens about sex?

A telecom firm demands a retraction & Bush reportedly provides legal cover for companies to lie

SpyGate Round 2: Phone companies deny & deny

Not such a good idea after all: New polls show unhappiness over domestic spying

The life of an American lesbian - or - How it feels to be a political football on the day of the big kick off

Bush calls on the National Guard to bail him out on immigration

Why Words Matter
The arrogance and destructiveness of the term “values voters”

Feminism is not a dirty word

Bush plummets in Kansas: Poll taken after spy scandal broke

Take Back Kansas rallies bring board of education campaign out in the open

Waiting for the next shoe to drop in Kansas & figuring out the real cost of school finance

Washington, D.C.
If democracy is such a great idea, why can't we have it in the District of Columbia?

Who We Are
The View from the Heartland and the Beltway

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