Monday, February 13, 2006

Bush robs from the poor and gives to the rich

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a new, and yet more horrifying, analysis of what the President’s new budget proposal does to the people who can least afford health emergencies.
In other words, the size of the health tax proposal for lower-income households has been scaled back by two-thirds from last year, while the health tax proposals disproportionately benefiting high-income households have more than quadrupled in size.


Anonymous said...

Does he really?
My Brother In law and WIfe made 12k last year. They paid $1500 in taxes. There are getting back $4500. They collect welfare and food stamps. The bro in law does not work and has not for a year.

I own my own business. I made 78k last year. I paid in 22k in taxes. I am getting back $9560. I get no assistance from the government at all. Now do the math and you will see that his percentage of return is MUCH MORE THAN MINE and that I paid more in TAXES IN ONE YEAR than he made all year long. Explain that one?

Diane Silver said...

Hello and thanks for the comment.

I also own my own business, and the real problem that I see is that the deck is stacked against folks like us who work for themselves. Also at income of $78,000, I don't put you in the rich category. They're the folks who are really making out under this administration. Personally, I don't mind helping people who are in trouble. What I do mind is helping people who hold all the cards and have all the breaks -- and that's not you or me. That's the ultra rich and the big corporations.