Monday, February 13, 2006

Budget Horrors: Bush wants to attack kids and veterans

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' analysis of what the Bush budget would do over the next five years is an eye opener. It cuts deeply into domestic spending, including providing for massive cuts in K-12 education, vocational education, higher education, the environment and even cuts veterans medical care at a time when we’re at war.

Here’s just one snippet of news from the analysis. Can anyone say bird flu? What about the concept of "compassionate conservatism?"

Within the health function, health care services (which include community health centers, HIV/AIDS treatment, and Indian health services) would be reduced by 11 percent; health care research and training (which includes the National Institutes of Health) would be cut by 14 percent; and consumer and occupational health and safety (which includes, for example, funding for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Mine Safety, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission) would be cut by 15 percent.

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