Monday, November 29, 2010

God & wealth

Gary Laderman rants today about religion, Republicans, the Tea Party, the cult of capitalism, and in the process raises some interesting questions for me in my quest for goodness:

A few questions may help make the case about the intimate, if unexpressed, links between money and religion: Is the pursuit of wealth an ultimate value? Is self-worth tied to the accumulation of material goods? How do moral virtues connect to marketplace success? Is money a means to transcend everyday suffering and despair? Would you die to save capitalism?

I agree with Laderman that capitalism and the pursuit of wealth has turned into a cult — one that is sometimes (often?) promoted by people who claim to only be concerned with faith. (Oh, the irony.) I’ve been mulling over Laderman’s questions this morning. Here are my first answers. What do you think? Am I on base, off target, insane?

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