Monday, August 16, 2010

Practicing goodness ctd.

I appreciate the suggestions folks posted about how I might practice goodness for the rest of this quest. Yesterday, however, while sitting in a car with the air conditioning running and deep in an unexpected conversation, I took the leap and committed to an experiment. My friend and I pledged to engage in daily practices designed to help us reach our spiritual goals. Because it seemed overwhelming, we committed to this experiment for a single week. (I know that’s a ridiculously short time, but such a brief commitment made this task possible for both of us.)

Her goal is to find the stillness she needs right now. My goal is to become/be/act good, or at the very least, to understand goodness. She pledged to write in her journal every day to become more mindful. I pledged (This is scary to admit publicly) — I pledged to mediate and pray every day. Oh wow. I feel like I just ran out on stage and pulled my pants down in front of 1,000 people. Let me explain. Read More.

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