Monday, August 02, 2010

Days 53 - 63: The Log

I’ve now completed two months of this quest. I’m 63 days, two interviews, 65 posts, 96 comments and a dozen Facebook discussions into this thing, and I don’t have much of an answer yet.

I do know that when first confronted with my question (What is goodness?) 99.9 percent of people respond with blank stares. I can’t tell whether they are stunned into silence by my choice of topic (Who cares about goodness these days?), or whether they never thought about this before.

What strikes me as more interesting, though, is that 99 percent of those who first respond with silence, finally do open up. And oh my, do they talk! They talk about how God and religion show them the way. They talk about how God and religion get in the way. They report what their mothers said, how they struggle to be good and always fall short of what they think it means to be good, how goodness has to do with being a hero and how being a hero is completely and utterly wrong. And of course, they even note that I’m asking the wrong question. Read More.

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