Thursday, July 29, 2010

Roitman & Lombardo Pt 4: Compassion & Wisdom

STAN: But ultimately you return to the group, you return to the world.

JUDY: Don’t leave off walking meditation.

STAN: And (we also do) walking meditation, which many people see as a form of relief between the periods of sitting meditation.

[I laughed because that was certainly the way I thought of walking meditation.]

It serves that function, but the idea is to continue to practice and simply pay complete attention to what you’re doing. The simplest form of sitting meditation is simply to attend to your posture and your breathing. Any kind of sitting is OK — a chair, a cushion, a floor, a bench. But the upright posture and regulating it, holding it and paying attention to it (is important). All of your senses are clear. A friend of mine was really surprised in all the years we talked about meditation, he was really surprised to find that we meditate with our eyes open…. Whatever your eyes see, that’s part of your meditation. Whatever your ears hear, however your skin feels, your body feels, you smell, everything becomes clear, clear, clear. That’s meditation, whether it’s standing, sitting, walking, chanting, and if you approach meditation in that way with all of these different activities – the walking, the chanting, the prostrations, the sitting – you can see how it can extend into your everyday life where you are mostly walking and sitting and speaking…. Read More

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