Monday, July 19, 2010

Love, truth and motherhood

This is the most beautiful — and devastating — post I’ve ever read. It’s about mothering a seriously ill child who is facing yet another surgery and yet another chance at death.

It’s written by my good friend, Jennifer, and if I could take all the pain away from both her and Jess I would. In a heart beat. In less than a beat. What truly is amazing is how much caring is in this post. These two women, one older, one younger, are heroes.

What does this have to do with goodness? Everything. Because this post is about love.

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Diane Silver said...

I just deleted comment spam. I actually couldn't tell if this was robot generated, as is the norm for comment spam, or from an individual. But all this comment did was promote a link. To me, that's spam.

And so it goes...