Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today in Goodness

A new blog called The Wrong Stuff has appeared and begun meditating upon human frailty and how we handle our mistakes. I'm going to watch this effort by Kathryn Schulz closely. One of my hypotheses is that many of us will never reach a state of goodness because we can't face our own errors honestly. (Note that I'm including myself in that bunch of stumblers.)

E.J. Dionne, who knows Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan personally, joins the debate over Kagan with a startling report. Apparently, Kagan can engage in a political argument without getting nasty. Given the lack of civility in the public square these days, this is truly amazing. Dionne writes:
Several things about her response show why she will make an excellent justice. First, she understood we were debating in good faith. She doesn't turn disagreements into personal quarrels.
I have no idea whether Kagan will be a good justice, but this is a cheerful sign.

Finally, it's time to start the countdown for my own new effort -- The Goodness Project. My new blog, In Search of Goodness, will chronicle the quest. The new blog launches in 18 days.

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