Monday, June 01, 2009

Who killed George Tiller?

Veteran reporter Judy Thomas talks to her longtime sources in the anti-abortion movement about the suspect's radical past.

Alternet and Salon point the finger at Bill O'Reilly and other anti-choice figures who provided the rationale and the drumbeat for the murder.

I live in Kansas, and I don't know of anyone out here who was surprised that Tiller was murdered. The level of hate directed at him has been off the charts for decades. If you shout long enough and loud enough that someone is worse than a Nazi and should be "stopped," then someday somebody is going to do just that.

Who killed George Tiller? Maybe we all did because we didn't stand up to these bullies.

I'm surprised at how shaken I am by Tiller's death. It wasn't unexpected, but it terrifies me. One man may have pulled the trigger, but thousands put the gun in his hand. Who are they going to go after next? Which target of their hatred -- which abortion provider, which LGBT activist, which person they've decided is the Antichrist -- is going to get shot next?

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