Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Complain to KSNT about antigay infomercial

Imagine what would happen if your local station broadcast a show claiming that African Americans spread disease? Imagine what would happen if a station broadcast a show campaigning against a law designed to protect people from religious-based violence? Would there be fury in your community? One would hope.

Then why is Topeka, Kansas, so deathly quiet about KSNT-TV's broadcast of Speechless: Silencing the Christians? This infomercial portrays LGBT people as diseased and threatening and claims that laws designed to protect us from hate crimes are censorship. KSNT, Channel 27, broadcast this bit of propaganda Sunday during primetime while other NBC stations were broadcasting Merlin.

Perhaps it's time for a few letters and complaints to KSNT? Perhaps a letter to the editor of the Topeka Capital-Journal? Where the heck is the Kansas Equality Coalition?

Here's contact information for the station.

Responding to my Facebook post about this, Tom Witt, who works with the Equality Coalition says:
State Rep Annie Kuether posted about this on her FB page yesterday. Several people (including me) have emailed KSNT letting them know we're unhappy

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