Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meanwhile, DC recognizes marriage equality with much yelling and shouting

The DC City Council has passed a measure recognizing same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions. If the mayor signs the new ordinance, then the issue goes to Congress for review because of DC's odd status as the seat of our federal government.
After the vote, a large crowd of opponents, led by local ministers, began yelling, "Get them off the council!" referring to the members who supported the measure. The crowd caused such a ruckus that security guards and D.C. police officers had to be called in to restore order.
Once again, certain ministers embrace compassion and spread love to all they meet.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

Hooray for my old hometown, though I can't say I'm surprised by the ministers' opposition. Ministers are usually a powerful political force in DC, and while they're progressive on some counts, they tend to be conservative on gay rights. But I don't think they'll hold much sway on this issue. DC has been as progressive as it can be on gay issues for a long time despite the ministers.

The real question is whether Congress is going to let this happen. If they do, I think a whole lot more states will follow suit. But members of Congress like to vote against "sin" in the District, even on issues that are none of their damn business. That's the trouble with being a colony instead of a state; you end up being the whipping boy.