Monday, April 27, 2009

Business As Usual - or - a Monday morning scream fest

Excuse me for a moment, I need to scream and throw something at the wall. Why? Because the paychecks collected by the scoundrels of Wall Street are once again bobbing up into the stratosphere. Paul Krugman writes:
There’s a palpable sense in the financial press that the storm has passed: stocks are up, the economy’s nose-dive may be leveling off, and the Obama administration will probably let the bankers off with nothing more than a few stern speeches. Rightly or wrongly, the bankers seem to believe that a return to business as usual is just around the corner.
Oh dear God, don't let us return to business as usual. We're barely surviving this round of "business as usual." I'm afraid to imagine what will happen to families, jobs and businesses (including my own) if the scoundrels are allowed to run free again.

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