Friday, February 27, 2009

Read This: It's time to take to the streets to fight global warming

On Monday, writer and activist Bill McKibben, NASA scientist James Hansen and a host of other folks will resurrect some Civil Rights and Vietnam-era tactics to demand action on global warming. In what's being called the Capitol Climate Action, they plan to block access to the Capitol's own antiquated, carbon-belching, coal-fired plant.

The action's FAQ reports:
In general, our intent is to block off access to the Capitol Power Plant by surrounding the entrances, peacefully refuse to leave when asked, and safely disrupt its operations for the day. If by doing so we risk arrest, so be it. We will reflect the growing global movement that is not quietly asking for, but demanding, climate justice.
McKibben argues that it is more important than ever to take to the streets.
Barack Obama was a community organizer -- he understands that major change only comes when it's demanded, when there's some force noisy enough to drown out the eternal hum of business as usual, of vested interest, of inertia.
Hansen explains here.

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Becky said...

I am as concerned as anyone about climate control but I do not want to abandon the only truly reliable source of energy we have while we develop other methods. Responsible environmental leadership requires careful and deliberate actions. I will support coal and other sources of energy until such a time as I can be assured that other means are significantly more reliable than they are now. Respectfully submitted.