Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch Bishop Gene Robinson's prayer at the inaugural concert

[updated - see below]

HBO did not broadcast openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson's prayer yesterday, but video was shot by Christianity Today. The quality of the picture isn't great, but Robinson's words are clear. The Washington Monthly provides some more reporting on the event. If you want to get depressed, go to the USA Today report and read the comments. Such viciousness isn't even remotely Christian, but reading that kind of anger after listening to Robinson's moving prayer certainly provides perspective on what he has to endure to live with integrity. It also shows you what an amazing man he really is.


Pam's House Blend rounds up reaction to Robinson's prayer being cut out of the HBO telecast. She also links to a report that the Presidential Inauguration Committee -- not HBO -- made the decision to put Robinson in the pre-show, which meant that he wasn't in the telecast.

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