Monday, January 05, 2009

Cancer: Are we dying because of physician laziness, or is it just stupidity?

WTF is the least one can say about this study, which comes to the, um, startling conclusion that the amount of chemotherapy given to a patient should be based on her actual weight, and not on an ideal weight. In other words, those who are heavier may well be suffering and dying because some fool somewhere decided that reality didn't matter. (Or is it that obese folks don't matter?)

I have to admit to having absolutely no sense of objectivity on this issue. Not only am I a tad, shall we say, on the plump side, but someone I loved dearly died of cancer. And yes, she was one of the world's round people. I lost her, our son lost his mother, and the community lost someone who had dedicated her life to helping others.

I always thought she received good care, now I wonder.

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