Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Outside My Windows: Snow!

I grew up in Michigan, and I really miss winter. I miss deep snow, biting cold, snow forts and cross country skiing. What can I say? I'm a weird northerner. So, when Kansas gets a decent snow, I always have to celebrate. Here are the views outside my windows this morning.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

Better you than me. My usual statement is that if I never have to shovel snow again it will be too soon.

I must admit I'm enjoying the changeable nature of Texas winter. Sunday I went to a Christmas concert in a sleeveless summer dress up outfit and even left the window open when I went to bed. When I turned on the radio Monday morning and learned it was close to freezing, I leaped up to go bring in the plants and close the window. And then I dug out my wool sweaters. There have been rumors of snow, but we haven't seen any yet.