Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Human Rights Campaign blasts Obama

Recently, I've criticized the Human Rights Campaign. Today, I applaud them. HRC President Joe Solmonese writes (I've added emphasis):
Dear President-elect Obama -

Let me get right to the point. Your invitation to Reverend Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at your inauguration is a genuine blow to LGBT Americans. Our loss in California over the passage of Proposition 8 which stripped loving, committed same-sex couples of their given legal right to marry is the greatest loss our community has faced in 40 years. And by inviting Rick Warren to your inauguration, you have tarnished the view that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans have a place at your table.

Rick Warren has not sat on the sidelines in the fight for basic equality and fairness. In fact, Rev. Warren spoke out vocally in support of Prop 8 in California saying, “there is no need to change the universal, historical definition of marriage to appease 2 percent of our population ... This is not a political issue -- it is a moral issue that God has spoken clearly about." Furthermore, he continues to misrepresent marriage equality as silencing his religious views. This was a lie during the battle over Proposition 8, and it's a lie today.

Rev. Warren cannot name a single theological issue that he and vehemently, anti-gay theologian James Dobson disagree on. Rev. Warren is not a moderate pastor who is trying to bring all sides together. Instead, Rev. Warren has often played the role of general in the cultural war waged against LGBT Americans, many of whom also share a strong tradition of religion and faith.

We have been moved by your calls to religious leaders to own up to the homophobia and racism that has stood in the way of combating HIV and AIDS in this country. And that you have publicly called on religious leaders to open their hearts to their LGBT family members, neighbors and friends.

But in this case, we feel a deep level of disrespect when one of architects and promoters of an anti-gay agenda is given the prominence and the pulpit of your historic nomination. Only when Rev. Warren and others support basic legislative protections for LGBT Americans can we believe their claim that they are not four-square against our rights and dignity. In that light, we urge you to reconsider this announcement.
Talking Points Memo reports that other liberal groups are also protesting. I can't overstate how it feels to hear this announcement. It's like a kick in the stomach.

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Rayosun said...

We at LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
are likewise terribly disappointed in Obama's way of walking all over those who made him what he is today. He claims to be "above ideology", but his ideology is obviously version "O" of Triangulation, i.e. "All I need to worry about are my enemies, as I can take my friends for granted."

Pastor Rick Warren represents a kind of religion that makes liberal preachers like Christ sick, i.e. "imposing heavy burdens on others which they wont lift themselves" ( by denying GLBT's the entitlements they take for granted and telling women to whom they are not even related how many children they are going to carry to term and raise, and when.)
Rev. Ray Dubuque