Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's Must Read: And the most presidential candidate is...

Joe Klein describes John McCain's anger management issues and quotes Karl Rove to make his point. The bottom line: "When was the last time Americans elected an angry President?"

And in case you missed it, Klein blogs about yet more evidence that McCain is unfit to lead.


Anonymous said...

I'll agree with you about how the U.S. Navy has a tradition and practice of raising up angry men to leadership positions. During the six years I spent there, I encountered few officers above the rank of lieutenant (junior grade) who weren't chronically mad about something, and most of those seemed to be food service officers.
Probably the most famous angry American president was Andrew Jackson, but then he had the advantage of winning the Battle of New Orleans, six months after the end of the War of 1812, but it was five months after the British captured Washington, DC, and burned the White House, the Capitol and the Washington Navy Yard.
Senator McCain's "anger management issues" may make him difficult to work with, and maybe it doesn't. Moreover, the limitations on free speech imposed by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform have me afraid to put a bumper sticker on my car. I'm not seeking a post in the next administration, and I'm pretty sure that whoever wins, we are not going to find ourselves living in a post-apocalyptic Nancy Jane Moore novel, or in Ten Days that Shook the World.
So, the question comes down to whose vision of a perfect world do we want to move toward?

Anonymous said...

Oops. Did I say "months"?
The Treaty of Ghent was signed on Christmas Eve 1814. The Battle of New Orleans was on January 8, 1815.
So it was actually about two weeks.