Monday, October 06, 2008

It's time to turn our backs on McCain

I usually urge people to pay attention to political campaigns, but sometimes candidates sink so low that all you can do is turn away. Such is the fate of John McCain, a man I used to admire. McCain is now so desperate that he has sunk to using the Manchurian Candidate strategy against Barack Obama. Swampland provides an overview of the attack and Obama's response.

And just who was the Manchurian Candidate? Wikipedia tells all.


Nancy Jane Moore said...

The current issue of Rolling Stone has a thorough dissection of McCain pointing out his multiple flip-flops and suggesting that he remains an immature guy out only for himself to this day. Reading it, you get the idea that his much-vaunted image is, in a word, imaginary.

Anonymous said...

Well, now I'm confused again.
I thought you had turned your back on John McCain on March 14, 1973, when he was released by the North Vietnamese.
What I'm less confused about is, a guy having friends who tried to blow up the Pentagon is a problem only to people who think the Pentagon ought not to be blown up.

Diane Silver said...

Pavian, What do you know about what I was doing on March 14, 1973? What do you know about my life during the Vietnam War? Do you know of the graveside where I stood as soldiers shot off a salute to a high school friend who died in Nam? Do you know of how I flinched at each volley? Do you know of my tears? Do you know of my pain and loss?

I never in my life turned my back on a POW. I wore a POW's bracelet for many years. When the POWs were finally released, I combed the lists of names of those set free. Many times I looked, but I never found his name. I have kept his bracelet all these years because I couldn't let go of this one POW who never had the chance to breathe free that McCain has had.

As for Obama and Ayers. I do not condone, support, salute or even like what Ayers did. But in case you hadn't noticed, Obama was all of 8 years old at the time of Ayers' crimes. For more, see this story.

One more thing... Do not presume to believe that I want to destroy the Pentagon. Not only have I never advocated violence of any sort, but my cousin worked in the Pentagon until very recently. He would have died on 9/11 if he hadn't, by chance, walked away from his office just before the plane crashed into the building.

Do not presume to speak for me. Do not presume to believe that you know anything about what I believe, feel or have experienced.

Diane Silver said...

I just saw this on Swampland. It seemed relevant.