Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin candidacy death watch gathers steam

Over at Daily Kos, they've already started a death watch thread on the vice presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin. Intrade has already started trading on whether or not Palin will be forced to withdraw. Personally, I think it's way too early to tell if Palin's candidacy will be a rerun of Tom Eagleton's 1972 aborted run for veep, but stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the steady drip, drip, drip of Palin revelations continues.

Greg Sargent at TPM ElectionCentral has a great rundown of the controversies stacking up against Palin. The Washington Post reports today that the allegedly anti-earmark Palin was pro-earmark when she was mayor of tiny Wasilla. She hired a lobbying firm and helped bring $27 million to the town of 6,700 people. The New York Times weighs in with a detailed piece on the not-so-active vet of Palin. The Los Angeles Times quotes one Republican strategist "with close ties to the campaign" as saying that the vet was little more than a Google search.

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