Friday, September 26, 2008

The debate is back on

The New York Times and others are reporting the news. Shall we recap the events?
  • John McCain "suspends" his campaign and declares that he won't debate until the financial crisis is solved.
  • Republicans and Democrats in Congress announce that they have a deal to pass a modified bailout plan.
  • "Suspended" McCain campaign continues running ads and attacking Barack Obama via surrogates, while the news media report that McCain is putting "country first."
  • McCain flies to Washington, DC, and arrives with much fanfare.
  • Announced bailout plan crashes and burns.
  • McCain declares victory and announces that he will (tah dah!) debate Obama as planned.
  • Congressional leaders and Bush Administration go back to what they were doing before McCain intervened. A grateful nation holds its breath and prays for a real solution.
What was accomplished? McCain got a ton of news coverage.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

But on the bright side, McCain looked pretty stupid. He had nothing to add to the economic debate, though he apparently stirred up the right wing Republicans. And then, with the whole bailout up in the air, he decided to debate anyway.