Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do the Texas Two Step

By Nancy Jane Moore

Everything's bigger in Texas -- including your right to vote (if you're a Democrat). Texas Democrats get to vote twice, once in the primary, where about half the votes for the national convention will be divided up, and once in the precinct convention, which will account for about another 30 percent of the votes (the rest are superdelegates).

You must vote in the primary to attend the precinct convention and vote again. So if you didn't vote early, get out there now and vote. And then get back to your polling place by 7:15 PM to vote again in the precinct convention (which works like a caucus).

The poster above is from the Obama campaign, but do the two step even if you're supporting Hillary. Texas Democrats need to show how strong we are, and a high turnout is one way to do it.

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