Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa caucuses gut check

By Diane Silver

Despite my preoccupation with football tonight, I did keep track of the Iowa caucuses. During the game, I kept switching back and forth between the Orange Bowl and CNN, and when I heard that Barack Obama had won handily, I had an amazing reaction: I felt hope.

I don't mean anything having to do with Obama's book title. I don't mean that I've been an Obama supporter and was thrilled by his win. I'm still not certain who I want to support, and there are times when anybody but Obama sounds best to me. It wasn't even the hope that an Obama candidacy might mean that Democrats could really win the presidency this year.

What I felt was deep. It was a total gut reaction. I'm not even certain I can analyze the feeling except to say that for a fleeting instant I felt like real change might happen, REAL change.

I do so want to vote for a woman, but bottom line is that I want to be inspired. I want a candidate who can do more than stay on message.

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