Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paul Morrison Update: Hope, anger & a career beyond saving?

The Kansas City Star and Lawrence Journal World have more on what the Disciplinary Administrator can and cannot do to Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison.

Seige Mentality adds detail of the administrator and speculates about who could be appointed to take Morrison's place if he resigns.

The Wichita Eagle's WE Blog applauds Morrison's call for an independent investigation and lauds a Republican lawmaker for pointing out the political motivation in conservative attacks on Morrison. Meanwhile, the Eagle's news pages give a ton space to state Republican Chair Kris Kobach's breathless attack.

KC Buzz Blog speculates that Johnson County might be in trouble because of Linda Carter's complaint against Morrison.

Blue Tide Rising gets angry about the GOP approach to the scandal. Mousie Cat takes a stand.

KC Star Columnist Mike Hendricks calls Morrison's resignation inevitable. Hendricks writes: "Paul Morrison’s political hide is beyond saving." Hendricks adds:
But on Issue No. 2, Morrison cannot win.

That is the allegation that, after he become attorney general, Morrison tried to interfere with Kline’s running of the DA’s office. That allegedly included a pending investigation regarding abortion.

(Gov. Kathleen) Sebelius said Morrison should resign if professional misconduct is proved.

But I’d go further. I say it doesn’t matter what the independent investigation finds.

Morrison simply cannot prove that he didn’t meddle in sensitive legal issues in the Johnson County DA’s office.

Come on. We’re supposed to believe that there was no mention of Carter’s job during all that pillow talk?

And to top it all off, national gossip blog Wonkette has now weighed in. It can't be good news when a Kansan gets roughed up by Wonkette.

In case you missed it, here's a post on why all of this matters nationally as well as in Kansas.

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