Friday, December 14, 2007

Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison to speak at 3 pm today

By Diane Silver

This could be Paul Morrison's first public and detailed defense of himself or it could be his resignation or none of the above. I have worries and hunches but no real clue. Here's the notice of the press conference from the Lawrence Journal World.

I have become increasingly concerned about this whole situation, particularly about how it has been reported and about people's responses, including mine, but alas, I have no time to write about those right now. I guess we'll just see what happens at 3 pm.

By the way, Harris News appears to be the first mainstream media outlet to make an independent attempt to confirm or deny the allegations. The Harris story makes interesting reading. It leads to even more questions, particularly about Phill Kline's apparent deep involvement in this thing.

Personally, I tend to believe women who say they have been sexually harassed. It certainly happens often enough. However, the Harris story shows that Kline may well have his fingerprints all over the release of these allegations. That leads to the question: Is Morrison the target of a political witch hunt?

What an incredible mess.

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