Monday, December 10, 2007

AP Report: Sebelius talks resignation for Morrison & firestorm heats up

[updated 11:46]
By Diane Silver

The AP is reporting now that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius says that Paul Morrison should resign if the allegations against him are proven true.

If Morrison looses the support of the state's popular top Democrat, he truly is toast.

Earlier, her office issued the following statement as quoted in a new Kansas City Star story.
Kathleen Sebelius issued a statement saying that she was “saddened, troubled, and extremely disappointed by reports of Paul Morrison’s behavior.”

“Like the people of Kansas, I take allegations of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment very seriously,” she wrote. “This dispute will be evaluated by the appropriate authorities, who will sort out the facts. I continue to have confidence Paul Morrison’s skills and prosecutorial experience qualify him to fulfill his duties as attorney general of Kansas.”


The full direct quote from the AP from Sebelius follows.
"Certainly, if any of the allegations turn out to be accurate, I think yes," Sebelius said in a brief interview with reporters. "One deals with his conduct as an attorney in the DA's office. The other is as an employer. I think either one should trigger a resignation."

The governor said she didn't want to "prejudge the situation," but that it was a shock and disappointment to her to learn of the allegations.

"I think it's a huge setback for Kansans. This I don't see as a partisan issue," said Sebelius, a Democrat. "I think when people put their faith in a public official and feel that faith to be violated, it's a huge disappointment and a shock for a lot of people. He's a high-profile statewide office holder who was elected by Republicans and Democrats and Independents."

I agree with Sebelius on all counts from not prejudging the situation to the damage this does to Kansas.

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